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Dwarf forms of Monarda in National Plant Collection

All forms have the great characteristics of both abundant flowers and excellent mildew resistance. Numerous other varieties are grown and are becoming increasingly popular, particularly as pot grown plants. Notes: PBR – Plant Breeders’ Rights RHS colour no – RHS plant colour reference chart USPP – United States Plant Patent Maximum height Colour RHS colour no Protection status   Monarda ‘Baby Spice’ 40cm rich pink/lilac 84B None   Monarda didyma ‘Cranberry Lace’ 30cm rose pink 67A PBR   Monarda ‘Elworthy’ 45cm pink 80C None   Monarda ‘Pardon my Pink’ 30cm rich pink 61B USPP   Monarda ‘Pardon my Purple’ 30cm dark fuchsia 71A USPP   Monarda ‘Petite Delight’ 40cm pink through to purple 64A, 72B, 80A USPP Image to follow Monarda ‘Petite Pink Supreme’ 30cm cerise pink 61B None   Monarda ‘Petite Wonder’ 25cm pink 73A USPP   Monarda ‘Pink Spider’ 40cm soft pink 57A No   Monarda ‘Purple Lace’ 50cm purple/ pink 77A No Advertisements

Choosing Nepeta

Nepetas are fabulous plants, but choosing them is far from straightforward. Most of us know the delightful billowing forms, traditionally used for border edging, with their summer time multi flowered spikes. There are though many varieties and cultivars, all with their own special reasons to vie for your attention. Even though I can’t accommodate let alone source many of them, from the around 100 forms I do grow it’s easy to notice that genetic similarity apart, most have such distinct additional characteristics that they do indeed deserve consideration on their own merit. There are forms for all parts of the herbaceous border and some for pots, from dainty tiny types reaching only 20cm high, wide tall beasts rising up to even 2m on occasion and creeping underground spreaders to perhaps reach areas not quite their intended destination. Upright, bushy, compact, open, arching, billowing, dense, drought tolerant, damp tolerant. Pink, white, yellow, lavender, blue/purple or violet flowers, many with beautiful distinguishing petal markings. Tiny flowers, vast flowers. Silver green leaves, lime leaves, many other hues of …