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Dwarf forms of Monarda in National Plant Collection

196 Top 10 - No 3 'Cranberry Lace'All forms have the great characteristics of both abundant flowers and excellent mildew resistance. Numerous other varieties are grown and are becoming increasingly popular, particularly as pot grown plants.
PBR – Plant Breeders’ Rights
RHS colour no – RHS plant colour reference chart
USPP – United States Plant Patent

Maximum height Colour RHS colour no Protection status
 319 Monarda ‘Baby Spice’ 40cm rich pink/lilac 84B None
 196 Top 10 - No 3 'Cranberry Lace' Monarda didyma ‘Cranberry Lace’ 30cm rose pink 67A PBR
 514.1 Monarda ‘Elworthy’ 45cm pink 80C None
 382 Monarda ‘Pardon my Pink’ 30cm rich pink 61B USPP
 614 Monarda ‘Pardon my Purple’ 30cm dark fuchsia 71A USPP
 358.1 Monarda ‘Petite Delight’ 40cm pink through to purple 64A, 72B, 80A USPP
Image to follow Monarda ‘Petite Pink Supreme’ 30cm cerise pink 61B None
 598 Monarda ‘Petite Wonder’ 25cm pink 73A USPP
 641 Top 10 - No 9 'Pink Spider' Monarda ‘Pink Spider’ 40cm soft pink 57A No
 443 Monarda ‘Purple Lace’ 50cm purple/ pink 77A No

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